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Arrow Choktaw Surfboard

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Designed to combine the old fish tail curves with a modern and powerful performance, the Arrow surfboard is wave killer weapon and simultaneously a work of art.
Arrow surfboard was designed and developed to ride hard and fast without loosing the strong character of craftsmanship. Modern functionality and classic beauty. Something hard to achieve.
Exclusive "Arrowtail" design fins are made of a selection of different woods handcrafted with artistry and true spirit.
Shaped by the great Nick Uricchio.
Maria Riding Company boards are bespoke shaped. A board do not fits all! We will contact you after you place your order to collect your individual specifications.
A board for true hunters!

Size Guide:

- Size 5´10´´
- Fish Tale
- Arrowhead wings
- Wood handmade Arrowtail 2+1 glass-on fins

Shipping and Returns:

ATTENTION: We do not accept returns on surfboards.

Usually takes 3-4 weeks to produce.

We deliver both within Portugal and internationally. Find out more about on our terms and conditions page. The shipping price for the surfboards need to be consulted on each case.