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Barracuda Surfboard

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Inspired on a very peculiar saltwater fish, our surfboard model is designed to go fast in the water and draw those artsy elegant classic lines on the surface of waves. With it's single fin, the Barracuda is for the ones who truly appreciate the primordial emotions of pure gliding and carving. With a seventies inherited outline style, this retro fish surfboard ads a bit of volume and size to the usual/original vintage models, and has a narrower tail thus providing support and stability in bigger and faster waves. Nevertheless, it's volume and width make it also a suitable board for smaller days, when you're in need for some speed and lift.
Custom handmade and painted with blue pigments, the Barracuda can be shaped in sizes from 6'2'' to 7'9'' and have a glass on or removable fin.

Size Guide:

Sizes from 6'2'' to 7'9''

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